Halee is the ultimate Healing House volunteer.  She works quietly behind the scenes every week publishing the monthly newsletter, updating the website, entering client data, and faithfully performing other office chores.  Halee has also written several grant applications for funding.  Her broad range of skills makes her a valuable asset for the ministry.

Halee was born in a small Nebraska town.  She met her husband Andrew at college in Iowa.  The first few years of married life involved living abroad as Andrew pursued his dream of playing basketball after college.  They spent time in Macedonia and England before eventually landing in Olathe.  Andrew is now a fitness coordinator for a local fitness company where they both work.

Halee first became aware of Healing House when Andrew met founder Bobbi Jo Reed at a business networking event.  A trace of alcoholism in both their families and their heart for the inner-city peaked their interest in the recovery ministry. An Open House tour of Healing House stoked Halee’s passion for community service. Halee describes Healing House as a place you need to see to believe.  As amazing as the Healing House story seems, it is even more amazing when you experience it firsthand.

Halee and Andrew’s involvement with Healing House grew to the point where they lived for a time in one of the Benton apartments to be closer to the ministry.  Eventually they bought a house in Northeast Kansas City where they live today as an active part of the community.  They host bible studies for neighborhood boys and several current and former Healing House residents and continue to serve as role models, living their calling to be the hands and feet of God.  Healing House is greatly blessed by their service.