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Healing House Defies Vandalism with Unity

A Setback  Erin’s House, an upcoming safe haven for mothers and children, experienced a significant set-back on August 17, due to vandalism. Our mission is to bring hope and healing to those who need it, but the destruction caused damages of around $50,000, setting us back at least a month on the project. Erin’s House, named in honor of a remarkable volunteer, Erin Langhofer, who tragically lost her life in 2019, was nearly completed. However, the damage inflicted on newly…

Meet Barbie

Meet barbie Barbie fought tears as she spoke about the impact Healing House had on her life. She said, “The only things I knew how to do were get high and go to jail.” She credits the program with teaching her how to live and overcome her substance use disorder. Barbie learned vital life skills at Healing House and was inspired to pursue a career in addiction advocacy. Addiction had been a part of Barbie’s life since before she could…

Reliving the Epic Healing House Family Reunion

welcome home Alumni! The first-ever Healing House Family Reunion marked an extraordinary milestone as it officially launched our alumni association. It was a day filled with heartwarming reunions and unforgettable moments, reaffirming the power of long-term recovery. Our alumni serve as living proof that lasting transformation is possible! We were privileged to witness some truly touching moments at the event. One of them was Bobbi Jo reconnecting with her first-ever sponsee, as they embraced for a much-needed overdue hug!  Another heartwarming highlight…


the future of recovery

The powerful impact of a hug and a home.