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May 2022

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  • Alpha 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
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  • Alpha 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm
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May 27, 2022


What to Expect Every Friday, the Healing House community comes together at the Recovery Community Center to worship, eat dinner, and create conversation per the Alpha Guide. The Alpha Guide opens the floor for our participants to discuss faith and the Lord. On some Fridays, we get to celebrate participants who have reached a specific point in their recovery, share testimonies, or invite guest speakers to express how faith has changed their life! It’s a great way to cap the…
May 29, 2022

N.A. – Closed

Program Participants Only
May 30, 2022

Making Sense of Your Past Worth

For men and women who have at least a couple months of sobriety.  We will be using experiential methods (like art therapy) to explore the past lies that we believe in about our value.  Very powerful and intense. 4-week commitment Limit of 8 people per month ‘Certificate of Completion’ given at the end of the month Please call Monica at (816) 920-7181 Monday – Thursday from 2 pm – 8 pm to inquire about group space.
May 30, 2022

What’s Next? – Parenting 201

To attend this, clients need to complete Parenting 101 first.  This is to follow up and continue to support the challenges of parenting. Men and women welcome. Prerequisite: Parenting 101 No commitment Last Monday of the month
May 31, 2022

N.A. – Closed

Program Participants Only
May 31, 2022

Family Groups

This is replacing the Al-Anon group we had going for a while.  Families and loved ones of clients will be able to attend this group.  Each group has a theme.  The first 15 to 20 minutes will have a topic introduced by a video clip, a reading, or a speaker. The rest of the group will be sharing and discussing.  *If families want to come in for individual family groups, they can set a time up. No commitment No limit…
Jun 1, 2022


For men and women learning what a boundary is and what it is not.  Using boundaries in self-care and sobriety.  What to do when others cross our boundaries or when we cross other people’s.  What to do with that.  Recognizing our own bodies internal boundaries and what happens when we ignore that or overreact. 4-week commitment Limit of 10 people per 4 weeks ‘Certificate of Completion’ given at the end of the 4 weeks Please call Monica at (816) 920-7181 Monday –…
Jun 1, 2022

Circle of Security – Men’s Parenting 101

Circle of Security – Parenting 101 is the first class for a parent to go through.  It is based on relationships and building a secure attachment within our children.  It is trauma-based and evidence-proven.  This is a men’s only class. After they complete this they are invited onto a Healing House Parenting Facebook group. They may discuss struggles, support one another, and receive good solid parenting articles and advice. 7-week commitment Limit of 8 people per 7 weeks ‘Certificate of…
Jun 1, 2022

DNA of the Gospel

Break down Creation, Redemption, Justification, and Progressive Sanctification till Glorification. This course is designed to give Biblical insight and truths, a method on how to study the Bible, show and find our identity in Christ and equip men and women to be disciples of Christ. 16-week course All are all welcome