About Us

About Us

Healing House participants praying together in the RCC.

Since 2002, Healing House has provided recovery housing and support that assists both men and women to experience long-term recovery from substance use disorders. We operate safe and stable recovery residences and offer programs that provide opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. Nearly 200 individuals on any given day reside in our thirteen private homes and two apartment buildings. Last year we served over 1,100 individuals, helping them on the road to recovery and meaningful drug- and alcohol-free lives.

If you or someone you know is seeking help with addiction recovery, consider Healing House, Inc. Our approach to helping men and women in recovery addresses the entire tri-fold aspect of addiction; mental, physical, and spiritual. Our experienced staff, made up of instructors, counselors and peer support specialists, is equipped to share tools and knowledge that help program participants to achieve and maintain life-long sobriety.

Programs and Services

Recovery Support

  • Our faith-based meetings and support groups provide comfort and encouragement.  They are a safe place the journey of recovery while learning from others.
  • 12-Step recovery program
  • Case management
  • Recovery and faith-centered support groups and activities
  • Individual counseling and recovery coaching

Transitional Housing

  • Our recovery residences provide a safe place to begin new life in recovery.
  • Living with other men or women in recovery provides courage and accountability to stay the course.
  • Healing House provides long-term transitional housing for up to 180 adults and 25 children.
  • Residents participate in recovery classes and groups, receive counseling and peer mentoring, and received assistance to obtain employment.

Education and Employment

  • Our education and employment program provides one-on-one help as participants seek to rebuild a better life through gainful employment.
  • High school equivalency testing and adult education
  • Vocational support and skill-building
  • Financial counseling and budgeting assistance
  • Recovery Community Center

Other Programs