Our Facilities & Homes

Our Facilities & Homes

Healing House operates fifteen recovery homes for people with a diagnosis of substance use disorder; seven for women and eight homes for men. We also own two apartment complexes that provide supportive housing for families with small children and for residents who are further along in their recovery journey.

This program is certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health and accredited by the National Alliance of Recovery Residences.

Each residence has a unique story which you can read below. To enroll in the residential program, start with our online application.

Mama Judi’s House (est. 2002)
Originally called the Pink House, this is the one that started it all. Located in Kansas City’s Historic Northeast, this former nursing home sat vacant for a year and a half before becoming a safe and loving place for women starting the journey to a clean and sober life. Learn more about the founding of Healing House.


Purple House (est. 2004)
After many prayers and a lot of patience, a house that was once occupied by a drug dealer and frequent gang activity become our second home for women. The paint color has changed but the name has remained.


Sunshine House (est. 2005)
Sunshine has at different times provided housing for either men or women. As our home with many hats, it is currently utilized as a home for men who are advanced in their recovery


Spruce Apartments (est. 2005)
After extensive renovations these beautiful apartments now offer a supportive community environment for men and women in recovery. This is where our reunited families live when parents regain custody of children they lost because of their addictions.


Agape 1 (est. 2009)
In 2009, Bobbi Jo received a call from a gentleman she had met two years earlier at a charity auction. He called to tell her that he felt led by God to donate the home to Healing House. To fill an ever-growing need, our first men’s house was established.


Ruth’s House (est. 2011)
This home is currently used to house men who are more advanced in their journeys of recovery. The previous owner, namesake of the house, wanted her former home to be used for good and we are grateful to say that it certainly is!


Original Hall (est. 2012)
A badly needed dining and meeting place was secured in 2012 with the purchase of our first meeting hall. These activities moved to our Recovery Community Center a few years later. This building is currently under renovation and will house a counseling center and family apartments on the second floor.


Bobbi Jo’s & Judi’s House (est. 2012)
In 2012, Bobbi Jo and Judi finally got their own home! For the previous nine years, they lived alongside female residents in what is now Mama Judi’s House. The top floor of this stunning three-story home offers a cozy lodging place for overnight visitors and volunteers.


Jessica’s House (est. 2012)
This house was the original Healing House office. When the new headquarters building was purchased, it was renovated to become a home for women. It was named in honor of Jessica Laws who passed away in 2011.


Daycare House (est. 2013)
This home served as a daycare for the children of Healing House residents for six years. In 2023 it was converted to serve men who are in advanced recovery.


Benton Apartments (est. 2014)
This building was acquired to provide additional housing for the many reunited families served by Healing House. It has four one-bedroom and eight two-bedroom units that are home to both families and individuals in recovery.


Agape 3 (est. 2014)
This house was purchased to replace Agape 2, our second men’s home, after it was destroyed in a  fire. This home opened in a very timely manner because our phone lines were being flooded by men seeking recovery housing and support


Cornerstone  (est. 2015)
This massive house is a safe home for forty men who are just starting their recovery journey. In partnership with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Swope Health and Jackson County COMBAT, a portion of the facility houses men who are engaged in intensive outpatient treatment programs.


Madeline’s Swaddle house (est. 2017)
This home provides a safe place for women who are pregnant and mothers with newborns. It provides them with a special bonding time with their infants while ensuring that new mothers receive services such as parenting skills, education, employment, spiritual guidance, and emotional support in recovery.


McNeely House (est. 2018)
This house is named after Greg McNeely, a long-time supporter and mentor to the men of Healing House, who passed away in 2017. It is currently home to men who are more advanced in their recovery as they continue their transitions to independent living.


Headquarters (est. 2018)
This 15,000 sq. ft. former Safeway is now used as our administrative center. The facility has several offices, conference rooms, and a large auditorium for worship and training events. It also has warehouse space, a loading dock for donations, and a large, gated parking lot.


Recovery Community Center (est. 2019)
Renovating this former bowling alley allowed us to increase services for residents and the surrounding community. With a full commercial kitchen, it provides seating for over 250 people for dining and larger meetings. Employment support, peer mentoring, recovery groups and classes, and family reunification services are all offered at the RCC. (Learn more)


Wesley House (est. 2019)
A generous donation from the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection was used to purchase this home. Named in honor of John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church, it is used as a home for men who are more advanced in recovery.


Transformation Station (est. 2019)
This commercial property is across the street from our administration building. The second floor has apartments for more advanced Healing House residents and their families. Our community outreach center is located on the first floor. Our goal for this property is to use it to support businesses that enhance our neighborhood, along with some of our own social enterprise efforts.


Emily’s House (est. 2020)
This home was established to honor Emily LaGree, a volunteer and group leader at Healing House who passed away in 2018. It is a home for women who are more advanced in recovery.


Erin’s House (est. 2024)
In 2023, Healing House acquired a large older home in our neighborhood. It is located right next to our Benton Apartments. Renovations were completed and it is now a home for women working to regain custody of their children. It is named to honor Erin Langhofer, who passed away in 2019. Erin and her family have been long-term volunteers and supporters of Healing House.


Joye House (coming in 2024)
This advanced men’s home is named in honor of the mother of Rob Bosma, a long-time supporter and former board member. He was also a part of the Thursday Crew for many years. This volunteer construction group has worked on nearly every property owned by Healing House.