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We are thrilled to share with you our experience of the Hope Lives Here Gala, an event that proved to be a huge success for our community and made a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve. The night kicked off with an awe-inspiring speech by Emmy Award Winner, Lara Moritz, as she recounted her personal tale of resilience.

The event featured videos that showcased epic transformations and the profound impact of empowering those battling substance use disorder.  Bobbi Jo’s moving conversation with the families of our alumni highlighted the importance of our mission, and guests had the chance to connect with Healing House alumni and hear their stories. The night ended with a beautiful song of hope, sung by one of our current participants. Together, we achieved something extraordinary – we raised over $100,000, a monumental success that will enable us to assist even more individuals in their recovery journey.

The Hope Lives Here Gala showcased the strength of our community, the kindness we can offer, and the enduring power of the Holy Spirit. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended or supported us in any way. Together, we’re changing lives.


If you couldn’t make it to this year’s Gala, there’s still an opportunity for you to make a meaningful difference. Your generous donation, guided by divine grace, has the power to extend a lifeline to those facing substance use disorder, illuminating a path out of the shadows.

our sponsors

We extend our deepest appreciation to our generous sponsors, AL Huber and Green Lighting Services, whose support made the event possible.

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Hope Lives Here 2023