Posts from December 2023

Posts from December 2023

2023 Photo Albums

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We Do Recover

a new chapter When everything seems to be falling apart, and you feel like you’re at your worst, it’s easy to believe that this chapter in your life will never end, or worse yet, that it might consume you. You may even look in the mirror and struggle to recognize the reflection staring back at you, wondering what could go wrong next. But here’s a reminder: your story doesn’t have to end here. These photos serve as a testament to…


A ROAD TRIP TO REMEMBER Written By: Darla Belflower Bobbi Jo invited me to join her at Myrtle Beach for the second week of November. Always up for an adventure, I eagerly agreed. Booking my flight, I anticipated beach time and catching up with my friend. However, upon arrival, we were greeted by cold, rainy weather. Bobbi Jo mentioned needing to do some holiday shopping, so I tagged along, clueless about her approach to the holidays and making them personal.…