Former Resident Liz P.

Former Resident Liz P.

Liz is living proof that addiction knows no boundaries.  Addiction does not care about age, gender, race, culture, religion, geography or social status.  Liz is also living proof that addiction is a lifelong battle that can only be defeated one day at a time.

Liz was adopted at 2 months and raised with 2 adopted sisters by a single mom.  Her grandfather was an Episcopal priest.  She attended both private and public schools during childhood in suburbia.  Life was relatively “normal” until she took her first drink at age 19.

In the beginning Liz was a social drinker like so many her age.  Eventually she began doing shots before parties.  That led to daily drinking and ultimately to a point where she was consuming an entire liter of alcohol every day.  As a result, Liz lost her job, lost her apartment, and even lost custody of her beloved dog, Dexter.  She experienced severe health problems including seizures.  She even lost the use of her legs for a time and once went five days without sleep.

Hospitals and recovery shelters were a way of life for a while.  One of those shelters steered Liz to Healing House where the healing began.  Recovery was difficult, but as she progressed, Liz transitioned from the Pink House to the Sunshine House and eventually to a Healing House apartment.  And she got Dexter back!

Liz left Healing House in May and has now been clean and sober for more than two years.  She works full time at a prestigious Kansas City hotel, but Healing House is never far from her heart and mind.  She frequently attends morning meditation, weekly meetings and Friday night Alpha class.  Recovery is a daily battle that Liz is winning with the continued help of Healing House.