Since 2002 Healing House has provided residential and support services for those in our program. When we opened the Recovery Community Center and First Step Fitness, we started to serve the broader Kansas City community.

We now have a new program aimed at alumni and members of the community at large. We’ve hired Brian Greene to serve as Manager of the new Outreach Center.  The facility will host meetings for Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Al-Anon (support group for family of alcoholics), and other community-related meetings and resources. We now serve the surrounding area and provide the light of recovery and hope not just to the residents of Healing House but also to the people of Northeast Kansas City and their families.

Our goal is to bring families support and reconciliation like never before. The facility will also serve as a friendly resource link for referral sources for individuals and families in need. This helps those who may feel intimidated or too overwhelmed to find them on their own. We know how valuable family is, especially to those in recovery needing support, so we are excited about the opportunity and blessing that this new program will be.

The program is located at 4428 St. John Avenue, Kansas City MO 64123. For more information call (816) 768-8350. You can also contact us online.