Last night the Resurrection Recovery Ministry put together a great panel and discussion event open to anyone looking for answers about addiction. It was full of hearfelt stories, testimonies,
encouragement and even some challenging (but uplifting) discussion and resources. From individuals in recovery to parents of children in recovery, and parents in recovery with children in recovery, it was insightful and full of information that we all need to know.
So many of are affected by addiction. But for some reason, very few of us really understand it. So how is it that something that affects us all is understood by almost none?
It’s up to us to change the conversation and become open about sharing our stories and the truth. First, addiction is a disease. It may sound strange to compare it to diabetes or cancer, but it is in fact much more than a choice. It is Substance Use Disorder. There’s some excellent resources below that were discussed on last nights panel. In addition there is help and hope for not only those with addiction, but also for family and freinds to best know how to help their loved ones. We want those with Substance Use Disorder to be able to change their lives for good, but we need to change to, and that begins with our mindset and is followed by action.

+ Dr. Kevin McCauley – “Pleasure Unwoven” is a film of the scientific description of SUD
+ support groups for families
+ First Call 816-361-5900- An excellent resource for all things SUD support related
+ Another family support group
+ – Faith based 12 step meetings
+ -Science based Addiction Recovery