Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

New Homes Opening in 2020

Renovations continue on Emily’s Home, our sixth recovery home for women; in honor of Emily LaGree, a friend and supporter of Healing House who passed away in 2018.
The second house is named for Erin Langhofer, another friend and supporter of Healing House who passed away in Summer 2019.  To donate to Erin’s Home click here and select “The Erin Langhofer Home for Women” from the list of Funds.

Our residents and volunteers continue the hard work of transforming Emily’s Home from a former drug house into a safe and comfortable recovery home.  Emily’s dad Brian is one of the hard working volunteers on the Thursday crew which recently helped to construct an amazing deck and fire escape on the back side of the house.  New windows were installed throughout to improve energy efficiency and landscaping is nearly complete.  As the weather turns colder the crew is moving indoors, installing new HVAC systems, hanging sheetrock, replacing doors, installing cabinets, and upgrading plumbing and electricity.  The spacious five bedroom home will be a welcome addition to our ministry.