More Than A Pet, Healing House Animals

More Than A Pet, Healing House Animals

Meet our newest addition

On a hot day in September, the Healing House maintenance team came across a small, fluffy, emaciated puppy. The dog had been abandoned by its owners and left in the weeds to fend for itself at only 8 weeks old. The team knew that something had to be done soon, so they grabbed the puppy and brought him to the HH headquarters. After food, water, a thorough bath, and playtime with the staff, the puppy napped peacefully in the front hallway. He then officially became the newest member of our family, destined for a life of love and healing.

how they impact recovery

Healing House recognizes the benefits of animals within a recovery program. For the last 20 years, almost all of our recovery houses have been occupied by one or more furry friends. Taking care of an animal helps lower a participant’s cortisol level, this is essential while in recovery as it can be a grueling process that frequently tests the participants mental stability and will power. According to the Hanley Foundation, “Higher cortisol hormone levels in response to stress have been found to be associated with higher treatment dropout rates in drug users involved in residential substance abuse treatment.”

Meaning that participants are more likely to complete treatment while caring for a pet. Participants bond with the animals and associate them with a safe and stable environment, something many of them
have never had. Having pets also helps participants gain confidence by learning the importance of routine and responsibility. One participant said that hugging her dog, “takes all the pain away”, and gives her instant relief.  In turn, all the animals at Healing House have been rescued, just like our newest family member Otis. Transforming this community means creating a safe space for all living beings, and providing them with endless love and support.

Help us to rescue more animals like Otis!