Healing House Halloween; A Sober Alternative

Healing House Halloween; A Sober Alternative

Halloween fun For everyone

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays in America, but it can also be a difficult time for people in recovery. Many people associate Halloween with parties and alcohol, and those who are in recovery from substance abuse can feel left out.

For the last two decades, Healing House has thrown extravagant sober Halloween parties for our participants. This way, they can have fun without the risk of relapse or any other consequences that might come from using drugs or alcohol. We also want to prove to our participants that they can enjoy all the things they did before, even in a safe and sober environment. One woman explained that she has more fun at sober parties, and that she can finally “be present for exciting moments” in a way that she never was able to be before.


It wouldn’t be Halloween without costumes!
Scroll though the slideshow to see some of the awesome outfits from years past!

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