Safety First

Safety First

The Greatest community

At Healing House, we are incredibly grateful for the support of our community. While located in Northeast Kansas City, our reach extends far beyond, with people from all over the country standing by our side. This week, a special project emerged that held the potential to save lives. The Church of the Resurrection and our dedicated Thursday Crew (volunteers who faithfully join us every Thursday to assist with construction projects) united their efforts to install a new window at Mama Judi’s House.

“Watch out below!” echoed through the air as a large shard of old material met the ground. It was time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. The attic of the Pink House had a small window that posed a significant safety concern in the event of a fire. As Mama Judi’s House

reached full occupancy, we transformed the attic into a bedroom for our House leader, who needs an adequate escape route. The Church of the Resurrection generously provided a large lift, enabling us to complete the project and install a properly sized window, ensuring the utmost safety for everyone residing in our house.

Without the  support of our friends at the Church of the Resurrection and the diligent Thursday Crew, we could never uphold the high standards we promise. The accomplishments achieved at Healing House are a direct result of the support we receive from our incredible community. Each person involved in this project wore a smile on their face, relishing in the opportunity to use the lift and contribute to the ongoing success of the first-ever Healing House!