HH Closes on Site for New Addiction Recovery Center

HH Closes on Site for New Addiction Recovery Center

On Thursday, September 28, Healing House become official owners of the future home of the Addiction Recovery Center (ARC)! Renovation work is scheduled to begin this Fall.

Generous donations from Healing House supporters and grant-makers will allow for the expansion of our facilities and addiction recovery services. An old bowling alley will be converted into the Healing House ARC. Here’s the plan:


A 5,000 sq. ft. Fellowship and Dining Hall will accommodate up to 350 people for meals and recovery programs.

A large commercial kitchen will provide a badly needed upgrade from our current arrangement for feeding the growing Healing House community and expanding HH’s catering business. It will also provide opportunities for residents to build skills and job experience.

The current office staff will relocate to a new area with 5 private counseling spaces, 7 offices and a group meeting room. The current office space (located in a house) will be re-purposed into a recovery home for families with children. The education center will also be relocated from its current location (at the office) and expanded to provide vocational support and skill building services.

Finally, additional parking will greatly reduce street parking in the neighborhood.

Revenue generated from the expanded catering business (commercial kitchen) and rental income from the new recovery home (current office space) will help sustain ARC operating expenses. Completion of construction is anticipated for Summer 2018.

Thank you to the many who’s donations made this possible!