Bob Dizmag

Bob Dizmag

Everybody knows Bob.  He is a veritable icon at Healing House and an incredible inspiration to residents and volunteers alike.  Bob is currently the House Manager of Agape III among his many other responsibilities.  A beautiful rescue dog named “Baby Girl” is his constant companion.  Bob has become a great man of faith and celebrated 8 years of sobriety in January 2020.

But life has not been easy for Bob.  Born and raised in Kansas City, KS his father died when Bob was 3 years old.  His mother sought refuge in alcohol and struggled to show love for her children. Bob tried to fill the voids in his life with alcohol, drugs, women, and occasional violence and petty theft.  He took his first drink at age 9.  He was stabbed and nearly died at 17.  An arrest led to a stint at Job Corps in Utah where Bob learned trade skills, but could not escape drugs.

Married at 19, Bob and his first wife raised 4 boys.  Family life included multiple stretches of sobriety interrupted by periodic relapses.  Marijuana was a constant temptation.  Pot led to alcohol and alcohol led to cocaine and other drugs.  When the 25 year marriage ended the family became estranged.

Bob continued to battle addiction.  A second marriage ended after only 2 years.  In his search for sobriety he spent time at the Salvation Army Shelter and Welcome House.  He even spent a few weeks sleeping on a couch at a business office where he worked in maintenance.  Eventually a friend convinced Bob to move to Hawaii and work for him.  The addiction continued in paradise.

The addiction ended in January of 2012.  Bob traveled back to the mainland to attend the funeral of his first wife.  On New Year’s Day he was attacked, beaten and robbed.  Bob woke up in the hospital, unaware of how he got there.  A friend recommended Healing House and the rest is history.  God used Healing House to fill the voids Bob was seeking his entire life.  Now he has a resolve and sense of purpose that serves as an inspiration to others to live addiction free lives.