Meet Jenna

Meet Jenna

When you meet Jenna today you immediately notice her warm smile, engaging personality, and bright eyes so full of life.  But that was not always the case.  Jenna struggled with an opioid addiction for more than three years before recovering at Healing House.

At the age of 20 Jenna suffered a wrist injury and received a prescription for Percocet.  Percocet is one of several powerful opioids often prescribed after an injury or surgical procedure.  For Jenna, one pill relieved the wrist pain, but two pills seemed to make other pains disappear.  Then a “friend” recommended methamphetamine as a more powerful (and addictive) alternative.  Her addiction began at that point.

Jenna managed to work as a waitress for a time during her addiction but that did not last long.  Raised by a single mom, she decided to escape to Washington State to become acquainted with her father’s side of the family and to try to get clean.  Unfortunately the addiction followed her to the west coast.

After a stint in a treatment facility, Jenna got high one last time.  Immediately she realized something had to change and she prayed desperately for help.  Jenna told God she was willing to try anything to stay clean.  Her case worker recommended Healing House.  Jenna called Healing House on a Monday.  Mama Judi told her to show up the next day and left Jenna no time to change her mind.

Jenna recovered at Healing House for 18 months.  During that time she became a trusted client and served as a house leader in every women’s home.  She learned how to deal with life’s challenges rather than avoid them.  She learned how to have fun responsibly.  She learned self respect, and that she deserves respect from others, particularly men.  Most importantly, Jenna learned that her key to successful recovery is giving back and helping others.

Today Jenna is happily married and lives a meaningful life as a Certified Peer Supporter at Comprehensive Mental Health Services.  She also serves as a sponsor for Narcotics Anonymous clients.  On June 16th, 2022 she celebrated six  years of clean living.  Thank you Healing House for rescuing Jenna.