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Support Healing House

Thank you for supporting Healing House!

When you donate to Healing House, you make it possible for us to continue bringing hope and healing to men and women in addiction recovery right here in Kansas City. Learn more about our programs.

We simply could not do what we do without your generosity!

Ways to Donate

Donate to Healing House NowHealing House is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. This means that your donation of any amount is and always will be tax deductible. We offer secure online giving. You can give using a debit or credit card or electronic funds transfer directly from your checking account.

Recurring Donation to Healing House

Recurring donation options are available. When you donate on a reoccurring basis, you can choose weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, etc. Healing House is able to more confidently plan for the future. We understand that life gets busy; we will remember so you don’t have to!

Capital Campaign donation to Healing HouseOver the past few years, Healing House has experienced significant growth and we are continuing to add new homes to serve hurting men and women.

Healing House allows you to decide how your donation will be directed.  Right now, you can select between:

1. General Fund – This option allows us the greatest flexibility in how to apply your donation to meet our greatest needs.

2.  Erin’s House – Named in honor of Erin Langhofer whose life was tragically taken from her at an early age, will be our next expansion project. It will include purchasing and remodeling a home that will house 8 or more women going through recovery. Erin dedicated her life to helping women who are victims of domestic violence. Erin was a bright light as a volunteer at Healing House, where her dad, Tom, also serves in many capacities. Erin’s House will forever honor her memory. Nearly $138,000 has been raised to this project today, with another $12,000 needed.

3. Sponsor a Pregnant Mother/Mother with Newborn – One of Healing House’s greatest miracles has been helping pregnant women have babies in an addiction-free environment. During the past three years, Healing House has seen well over two dozen newborns enter this world free from neonatal abstinence syndrome. Many of these mothers, however, are high-risk pregnancies and often cannot work for several months. They need help with rent ($550/month) and other necessities. This fund allows these women to continue to participate in the Healing House program as they learn parenting skills to raise their children in a drug and alcohol-free environment.

4. Sponsor an Angel for Christmas – We try to provide residents in the program with Christmas gifts, such as shoes, hygiene goods, underwear etc. Many of these residents have never had a real Christmas before and the Holy Spirit really touches their souls when they experience this love for the first time. Each sponsorship is about $100 or you can contact Becca Stewart at, or call 816-920-7181, if you would like to purchase the gifts yourself for your sponsee.

The easiest way to online donate is to click HERE. You will find all of the above information in an easy to use layout to choose which option your heart is led to donate to. 

Donate to Healing House by mailOf course, we also accept donations the good old fashioned way. Please, make checks payable to Healing House, Inc.
Healing House, Inc., 4505 Saint John Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64123

Matching Gift donation to Healing HouseConsider doing a matching donation and watch your gift to Healing House go the extra mile. This dollar-doubling opportunity would be on your terms and Healing House will gladly do everything we can to advertise and increase the impact. Contact us for more details.

Gifts in Kind donation to Healing HouseWe accept quality household items/appliances/furniture, office supplies, home repair products (paint, flooring, etc.), clothing, bedding, alcohol-free personal hygiene products, food and more. If an item is too large for you to haul, a Healing House moving crew will happily pick it up. For more information, go to our current needs donation page or call (913) 633-6789 or (816) 920-7181.