Terri likened herself to the water at the bottom of a vase of flowers. Stale. Murky. Useless. It would eventually evaporate leaving a yucky stain at the bottom of what once held something beautiful.

Terri’s ten-year addiction to meth and alcohol led to a loss of emotion, faith, spirit…and her children.

Police escorted her by ambulance to a seven day detox center. It was 2010 when her mother discovered Healing House and brought Terri here.

As she grew in her recovery at Healing House, her relationship with the Lord also grew. The more she read the Bible, prayed, and fellowshipped with others, the more she realized God’s loving presence in her. “My behavior soon started to show the love I felt from God.”

Terri had been separated from her children for a year and a half. Though she deeply missed them, she knew they were in a safe place and was grateful that someone had stepped in to care for them. Terri had faith that, with the Lord’s help, she could endure this time apart and they would one day be reunited.

In March 2012, Terri and her children were reunited. “My children are with me now and we are a family again.”

Today, Terri  has a new perspective on her life. No longer does she view herself as the murky water in a vase of flowers. She has faith, confidence, self-esteem, and a true love for others and for life. She continues to be set free from her addiction and is grateful that she and her children can, together, be a part of a household that is safe and loving.