Healing House Staff (Page 2)

Healing House Staff (Page 2)


Cecilia, or Cece, has been our teacher extraordinaire for the past two  years. She facilitates groups and classes in our Recovery Community Center. She is a Certified Peer Specialist and holds an associates degree in Spiritual Counseling. Everyone who enters her classroom is accepted with open arms and an open heart. She teaches life skills, goal setting, relapse prevention, art, hobbies, music and so much more. Most all of the Healing House participants recovery journey starts in CeCe’s class, where she has touched the…

Tammy Lucas

Tammy is the Healing House Maintenance Supervisor and directs the renovation, maintenance, and repair of our homes.  Over the last few years she has become a talented remodeler and a very patient supervisor of our many volunteers.  She is also the resident manager of Emily’s House where she is responsible for 5-6 women in recovery at any given time. Born and raised in California, Tammy spent 14 years driving a commercial fuel truck delivering gasoline to Shell stations on the…

Bob Dizmag

Everybody knows Bob.  He is a veritable icon at Healing House and an incredible inspiration to residents and volunteers alike.  Bob is currently the House Manager of Agape III among his many other responsibilities.  A beautiful rescue dog named “Baby Girl” is his constant companion.  Bob has become a great man of faith and celebrated 8 years of sobriety in January 2020. But life has not been easy for Bob.  Born and raised in Kansas City, KS his father died…
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