Healing House Staff

Healing House Staff


Bobbi Jo started drinking and drugging at the age of twelve. Her addiction consumed her for the next 22 years; decades scarred by rape, homelessness, abuse and prostitution. She started drinking to combat her feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. “Alcohol transformed me into the person I had always wanted to be: funny, popular and cute. I felt like I fit in.” At fifteen, Bobbi Jo sustained serious injuries due to a car accident. For the next year, she lived…

Michael Liimatta COO

Michael Liimatta joined the staff of Healing House in January 2020. He has served in leadership positions with nonprofit organizations for over thirty years. Most of that time was spent with organizations that help the homeless and people who suffer from substance use disorders. He is a person in long-term recovery himself, having celebrated 35 years of continuous sobriety last October. Most recently Michael served as Executive Director of Footprints, which provides outpatient treatment and recovery housing. He is founder…


Terri likened herself to the water at the bottom of a vase of flowers. Stale. Murky. Useless. It would eventually evaporate leaving a yucky stain at the bottom of what once held something beautiful. Terri’s ten-year addiction to meth and alcohol led to a loss of emotion, faith, spirit…and her children. Police escorted her by ambulance to a seven day detox center. It was 2010 when her mother discovered Healing House and brought Terri here. As she grew in her…
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