Healing House Staff

Healing House Staff
2020 School Backpack Neighborhood Giveaway
  1. Alex Irvin, Peer Specialist
  2. Andrew Funk, Peer Specialist
  3. Angie Hughes, House Leader
  4. Anna Hoyt, Billing Specialist
  5. Becca Stewart, Grant Coordinator
  6. Bob Dizmang, Operations
  7. Bobbi Jo Reed, Founder/Executive Director
  8. Brian Greene, Outreach Center Manager
  9. Cassady Thomas, Director of Development
  10. Cecilia Smith, Recovery Community Center Staff
  11. Cherise Harvey Ellison, Fitness Trainer
  12. Chris Berry, House Leader
  13. Chuck Potter, Assistant Manager Cornerstone
  14. Darryl Eatman, Cornerstone Manager
  15. David McDow, Cornerstone overnight staff
  16. Dwayne Reeves, Fitness Center
  17. Greg Reed, Recovery Community Center Manager
  18. Jason Willis, Maintenance Supervisor
  19. James Fleming, Employment Specialist
  20. Jen Stevens, Comprehensive overnight staff
  21. Jennifer Harkins, Assistant House Leader
  22. Jeremiah Hall, Data Manager
  23. Jesse Ibarra IV, Assistant to the Director
  24. Joey Thomas, Donation Coordinator
  25. Katie Mallory, Receptionist
  26. Kelli Holland, Intake Specialist
  27. Kevin Ryland, House Leader
  28. Kim Austin, House Leader
  29. Lee Matheson, Kitchen Manager
  30. Lin Breeden, Accounting Assistant
  31. Linda Sutton, House Leader
  32. Lisa Merlo, House Leader
  33. Melissa Bennett, Counselor
  34. Michelle Young, Clothing Closet
  35. Michael Liimatta, Chief Operating Officer
  36. Michelle Hunter, Assistant House Leader
  37. Rhonda Gutierrez, Housekeeping
  38. Scheera Watkins, Cornerstone overnight staff
  39. Sheldon Burke, House Leader
  40. Stephanie Hafner, Grants Assistant
  41. Tammy Lucas, Maintenance Chief
  42. Terri Bratcher, Accounting Manager
  43. Terry Buckner, House Leader
  44. Thanh Hoang Le, Peer Specialist
  45. Travis Ross, House Leader