We offer a number of programs for our residents and members of the community as well. Select each location to learn more detailed information on the history and what services we provide there.


Healing House HQ

Here at the Main Office our team works diligently by maintaining the upkeep of all programs and also day to day operations for Healing House Inc. Here some of the programs we offer are parenting classes, women’s empowerment meetings and domestic violence courses. 

Healing House Recovery Community Center

Our Recovery Community Center offers daily classes for our participants as well serves many with lunches and dinners. We serve over 150 participants daily!

First Step Fitness

Mind, body and soul. We know the impacts of a healthy body can improve not only mental health but those in recovery as well.

Community outreach center

Here we have many meetings and services for the commuinty. Also this is a resource for our participants who have moved on from our program and are living their lives outside of our Program.