Meet Julie

Julie was the first house manager for Madeline’s Swaddle House, our home for new and expectant moms and newborn babies. At this safe and sacred space, Julie helped these moms live addiction-free lives and raise healthy children.

Raised in rural central Missouri, Julie led a seemingly normal small-town life.  A 1998 auto accident changed everything.  Julie discovered that prescription pain pills not only eased the pain of her injuries, but helped her feel better than she ever felt before.  The feeling became an addiction which led to financial distress and the eventual loss of her marriage.  Julie readily admits that the addiction caused her to lie and steal to obtain more pills.  She had “no joy, no peace…and hated everything.”  Her life became part of a nationwide opioid crisis.

After three attempts at rehabilitation Julie decided to try something new.  A friend recommended Healing House so Julie called.  When Mama Judi answered, Julie knew she made the right call.  In tears, she asked for healing and Mama Judi promised to help.  Julie originally planned to stay for 3 months and found a home at the Pink House.  Eventually she transitioned to the Purple House and then to the Ruth House. Then she managed the Healing House day care home for 3 years.  Healing House became home.

Julie is happy to report that she has now been addiction free for more than 5 years.  In addition to managing the Swaddle House, driving residents to appointments or work, and often babysitting the infants, Julie works as a waitress for the HyVee market in north Kansas City.  She also volunteers at Rez Downtown where she serves communion, prays with the prayer team, helps in Kids COR, and is a member of the cardiac response team.  Most importantly she has re-united with her 9 year old son and sees him every week.

Julie was called by God to help others and found her purpose in life.  Her goal is to keep making good decisions every day and to help others do the same.  We thank God for Julie and pray for His continued healing in her life.