Houses (Page 2)

Houses (Page 2)

Healing House operates 13 recovery residences; six homes for women and seven homes for men. Three apartment complexes provide supportive housing for families with small children and Program Participants further along the recovery journey. Each residence has a unique story that you can read about on their respective page.

200 men and women

up to 30 children


est. 2015 This massive house is a safe home for 40 men who are just starting their recovery journey. In partnership with the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Swope Health, and Jackson County COMBAT, a portion of the facility houses men who are engaged in intensive outpatient treatment programs.

Madeline’s Swaddle House

est. 2017 This home provides a safe place for women who are pregnant and mothers with newborns. It allows them bonding time with their infants while ensuring that new mothers receive services such as parenting skills, education, employment, spiritual guidance, and emotional support in recovery.

McNeely House

est. 2018 Named after the late Greg McNeely, a longtime supporter and mentor to the men of Healing House, this home currently houses men who are more advanced in their recovery as they continue the transition to independent living.


est. 2018 This 15,000 sq. ft. former Kingdom Hall is now our administrative center. The facility has several offices, conference rooms, and a large auditorium for worship and training events – it also has warehouse space, a loading dock, and a large, gated parking lot.

Recovery Community Center (RCC)

est. 2019 Renovating this former bowling alley allowed us to increase services for residents and the surrounding community. It provides seating that accommodates over 250 people for dining and larger meetings. Employment support, peer mentoring, recovery groups and classes, and family reunification services are all fulfilled at the RCC.

Wesley House

est. 2019 Receiving a generous donation from the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection gave us the ability to purchase this home. Named in honor of John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church, this house is for men who are more advanced in recovery.

Transformation Station

est. 2019 This commercial property is across the street from our administration building. The second floor has apartments for more advanced Healing Housing residents and their families, and our Community Outreach Center is on the first floor. The goal for this property is to use it to support businesses that enhance our neighborhood, along with some of our social enterprise efforts.

Emily’s House

est. 2020 Emily’s House was a donation to us in honor of Emily LaGree, a volunteer and group leader at Healing House who passed away in 2018. It is a home for women who are more advanced in recovery.
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