Since 2002, Healing House has been providing recovery housing and support so people in Kansas City who suffer from substance use disorders can experience long-term sobriety. With multiple residences, we provide nearly 200 beds for both men and women on a daily basis.

How We Support People in Recovery

  • Our recovery residences provide a safe place to begin a new life in recovery. Living with other men or women who are in also in recovery, program participants receive courage and accountability to stay the course.
  • Our faith-based meetings and support groups provide comfort and encouragement. Residents find help by sharing the  journey of recovery while, at the same time, learning from others.
  • Our education and employment program offers  one-on-one help to rebuild a better life through obtaining gainful employment.
  • Recovery success stories shared by current and former residents highlight the effectiveness of our holistic approach.
  • Interested in seeing if there is a place for yourself or family member, or a friend, or client at Healing House?  Please see our screening application.




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