Bob’s Story

Bob website picture“I’ve been in recovery back and forth for 29 years.” 

Bob met Healing House director Bobbi Jo while working for another recovery program. He helped rebuild a collapsed retaining wall at The Pink House. A short while later, he moved to Hawaii. It would be years before he’d think about Healing House again. 

The death of Bob’s former wife brought him back to Kansas City. “I didn’t want my four grown sons to have to bury her alone.” Prior to her funeral, Bob was robbed and badly beaten. He awoke in the hospital with no recollection of what had happened. A friend contacted him and asked him what his plans were. “I guess it’s time to get sober again,” Bob resigned. His friend suggested Healing House. 

Bob arrived at Healing House in January 2012 planning to get sober, stay 30 days, move out into his own apartment, and continue going to AA meetings. However, being at Healing House changed his heart. “The longer I’m here, the longer I want to stay.” Thinking about his current position as Agape I house manager, Bob says, “I feel blessed that I’m a part of the [Healing House] ministry, because I know that without God I cannot stay sober. I have purpose today.”