Posts from March 2021

Posts from March 2021

Resurrection Recovery Ministry “Everything you want to know about addiction but are afraid to ask” Panel

Last night the Resurrection Recovery Ministry put together a great panel and discussion event open to anyone looking for answers about addiction. It was full of hearfelt stories, testimonies, encouragement and even some challenging (but uplifting) discussion and resources. From individuals in recovery to parents of children in recovery, and parents in recovery with children in recovery, it was insightful and full of information that we all need to know. So many of are affected by addiction. But for some…

Community Outreach Center

Since 2002 Healing House has provided recovery housing and support services for those who live in our facilities. With the opening of the Recovery Community Center and, then,  First Step Fitness, we began serving the broader Northeast Kansas City community. Now, through the Community Outreach Center we provide serves to program alumni and members of the community at large. Our goal is to bring families support and reconciliation like never before. The facility serves as a friendly resource link for referral…

Angie’s Journey to Recovery

One person whose life has been completely changed at Healing House is Angie. Her substance abuse problems started when she was about 25 years old. Though she knew alcoholism ran in her own family, she got involved with people who abused both meth and alcohol. It was not long before she was hooked as well. It did not take long for people in her life to begin noticing a change in her. So, she withdrew from others, pushing away friends…

Cardboard Testimony

Miss Cece puts together the best experiences for our participants. They range from personal finance, art, life skills, and sharing their testmoniesand encouragement and support. Check out the latest video her crew put together sharing their before and after stories.